Ragnar Stålskog AB

Ragnar Stålskog AB set up its business in 1955 and has become the largest manufacturer and supplier of electrical safety equipment in the Nordic countries, offering products such as earthing tools, insulating poles and voltage detectors.

The range of products also includes branch cutter poles with accessories, telescopic height measurement poles, phase comparators, tools for live working, test equipment, disconnectors, earthing switches and miscellaneous special tools.

The products meet Swedish and international standards.

The company is situated in Upplands Väsby, where development, production and assembly all take place in the company’s own manufacturing plant.

Ragnar Stålskog AB is the market leader in the Nordic countries and has customers all over the world as well as an excellent reputation within this branch of trade.

Wide range of products

  • Complete system for earthing of indoor and outdoor switchgears as well as lines.
  • Complete system for earthing of overhead contact lines, return conductors and rails.
  • Operating-/insulating poles
  • Voltage detectors/phase comparators
  • Branch cutters poles with accessories
  • Tools for live working for high and low voltage (insulated hand tools, gloves, insulating mats)
  • Earthing switches/disconnectors
  • Glass fibre reinforced tubes
  • Test equipment
We undertake project work regarding choice and placement of earthing points and tools for different types of plants. The company carries out inspections and repair work on tools supplied as well as reconditioning work on older equipment. Courses relating to electrical safety equipment can be provided upon request.


Ragnar Stålskog AB works actively to ensure that its operations and products affect the environment as little as possible. The company is linked with the REPA register for the recycling of packaging.

Customer at the centre

We work together with our network of retailers and distributors to do our utmost to serve our customers, offering everything from advice and handy hints to suggestions for suitable equipment to meet individual customers’ specific requirements. The market leading position of Ragnar Stålskog AB guarantees long-term co-operation and continuous development, and we look forward to presenting our solutions to customers both old and new.


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