The overall expertise within the company is one of our most important features when it comes to beating the competition. We work together with colleges, research institutes and other external experts to further reinforce our skills. Short delivery times, high quality, a willingness to listen to what our customers want and cost-effective products are other significant factors which have meant that Ragnar Stålskog AB has maintained and strengthened its market position. Our products offer maximum performance thanks to the materials we choose to use and the ways in which they are processed. We have placed great emphasis on solutions which facilitate handling, extend service life and simplify servicing. As a member of committees such as SEK and IEC, Ragnar Stålskog AB makes a contribution towards developments in personal safety issues. Over the years, the company has helped to produce a large number of standards for earthing contacts, operating poles, voltage testers and cabling, and has thus been able to introduce the latest technology into its products. The company has a quality system accredited to EN ISO 9001 and an invironmental management system accredit to EN-ISO 14001.

Product development

Ragnar Stålskog AB is working continuously on product development and works in close co-operation with retailers and end-customers, which means that we are able to offer user-friendly equipment to suit the needs of each and every company. Our products undergo careful fatigue testing and function testing in our own test laboratory, as well as at respected high voltage laboratories in Sweden and in other European countries. This means that the complete range of products which we are now able to offer meets the most stringent demands made by our customers as regards quality, reliability, ease of use and overall economy.

Own production

A major part of the products are manufactured in the company’s plant in Upplands Väsby. It gives us a lot of flexibility in the production and development of products, in the same time we have full control of quality.


Many of the company’s unique solutions and patents have helped to enhance quality and facilitate the use of our tools, which in turn has helped to ensure a very high level of personal safety in the power industry. Examples of these solutions include quick-lock clamps to facilitate connection to cables, cableshoes with collars, and our own system for pressing cableshoes, which maximises the service life at connections between cableshoes and lines, torque instruments which guarantee the right tightening torque when clamps are applied, angle-adjustable gripping tools to facilitate the connection of operating poles to clamps, lifting devices to facilitate the connection of clamps high up, clamps for painted and corroded metal surfaces, etc.

Skills development

Our well adapted and well documented programme for continuous skills development for all personnel means that we are continuously assimilating the requisite skills for the further development of products and our business.