To manufacture and supply high-quality and standardized electrical safety products, based on market needs, as well as offering good service and expertise within this line of business.


Certification is becoming more and more important for companies working on the international market. A third party certification is not only evidence for us and for our customer that we are “on the right track”, but it is also a push for continuous improvement of quality and environmental control. The company’s quality management system is certified according to EN-ISO 9001 and the environmental management system to EN-ISO 14001. The following policy clarifies company’s attitudes and behavior regarding the ethics, quality and environmental issues.

Ethics policy

  • We shall strive to ensure that our stakeholders perceive us as a sound and successful business which is managed with a high level of integrity and morals.
  • As a company and supplier, Ragnar Stålskog AB shall ensure that our suppliers comply with the laws and regulations that apply in the countries in which the business is carried on, and respect the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Ragnar Stålskog AB shall strive to ensure that it practises impeccable business ethics. Bribery and corruption must never occur within the company’s business relations.
  • We shall ensure that conflict minerals are not used in our production.

Quality policy

  • We shall ensure that:
    our electrical safety products such as earthing devices, insulating poles, tree pruning equipment, voltage detectors and phase comparators fulfil the highest applicable requirements as regards quality, reliability and ease of use.
  • our products and services fulfil the promised delivery time and agreed prices and conditions.
    work and strive for continual improvement within the company, so that a high level of quality is achieved within internal service, administration, conduct and customer relations, and so that every task we perform acts as a good reference for future business.
  • exceed our customers’ current and future expectations concerning products and relations through engaging everyone in continual improvement. We shall strive for zero errors in everything we do and every employee is responsible for the quality of their work.

Environmental policy

We shall strive to ensure that our work and our products have as little impact on the environment as possible through:

  • minimising the risks of injury and illness amongst employees, third parties and users of our products, e.g. through training.
  • working with both customers and suppliers with the aim of identifying solutions with the least possible environmental impact.
  • manage energy, water and other natural resources, prevent pollution and reuse and recycle resources – sort waste.
  • inform and encourage our personnel to show commitment and participation and take responsibility in the work relating to the environment.
  • carry on business in accordance with applicable legislation and collaborate with authorities and organisations so that our environmental work is formulated in accordance with society’s environmental goals.
  • environmentally labelled products and suppliers with an environmental management system/environmental policy are used.
  • reduce the environmental impact of production: reduce the use of environmentally harmful (and hazardous) chemicals.
  • the product choice principle.
    reduce waste from production (chemicals and production material).
  • strive for continual improvement within all areas which give rise to environmental impacts (procurement, office/administration, transport and logistics and production).


The company is linked to the REPA register.