Insulating gloves class 0

EU regulation 2016/425 = PPE Category III EN 60903:2003 / IEC 60903:2014 = Class 0 (AZC) EN 388:2016+A1:2018 = 1,1,2,1,X EN 61482-1-2:2008 = Class 1 (4kA)
Extremely thin insulating gloves that allow greater dexterity than traditional insulating gloves; the non slip finish offers an excellent grip for handling the smallest details. The mechanical resistance and class 1 electric arc protection are integrated.
Length : 36 cm
Size : 8, 9, 10
Color : Orange
External finish: non slip
Internal finish: chlorinated

• Touch-E gloves are made of natural rubber which has excellent dielectric properties

• Thanks to the chlorinated finish they are easy to wear.

• Their ergonomic shape has been designed to adhere perfectly to the hand and guarantee a unique degree of dexterity.

• If the risk analysis highlights greater mechanical thermal risks, it is possible to double the gloves on the hands to increase the level of protection

Insulating gloves class 0

Max operating voltage
V a.c.
 Size Kategori Inner layer Inner layer
weight g/st
RS-JFO-0/08 0 1000 8 III smooth Flossad 225
RS-JFO-0/09 0 1000 9  III smooth Flossad 225
RS-JFO-0/10 0 1000 10  III smooth Flossad 225